Our History, Our Pizzelles

Pizelles have been an integral part of my Italian heritage. Learning the secrets of creating these rich and tasteful treats began when I was old enough to work in the kitchen with my mom and aunt in Roseto, PA.

There was never a special occasion that didn’t include Pizzelles. I continued this tradition in my own family by including them as favors in my children’s weddings. We received so many compliments on them; I felt it was time to share them with everyone!

Pizzelles are great for any occasion, they are a delicious complement to everyday snacks. They might even be considered (more...)

LP Italian Treat pizzelles are made from the freshest ingredients - such as real coconut, orange zest, vanilla beans and crushed nuts. We started with our family's traditional recipies, then tested new flavors and methods until we baked the perfect pizzelle. Try some today with coffee, dessert, or to bring new flavors to your holidays - our pizzelles will soon become a part of your family traditions.

Our Most Popular Flavors

Coconut Pizzelles

Signature Coconut

Taste the tropics in our signature coconut pizzelle. Real coconut flakes make this an exotic delicious treat. Crispy and delicate, they’re great with a cup of cappuccino, expresso, or ice cream. Yummy.

Orange Pizzelles


Orange you glad you discovered our tasty orange pizzelle? Its blend of orange extract and real orange juice makes for a mouth-watering treat. And it is so good with any meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late evening snack. Orange you going to try some today?

Vanilla Pizzelles


Out of the ordinary, our vanilla pizzelle offers a fresh, crisp taste. Maybe it’s because they feature real vanilla beans along with vanilla extract. A great snack for all ages.

Anise Pizzelles


Anise is a favorite flavor in Italy and many other parts of the world. And our anise pizzelle, with its distinctly subtle licorice flavor, is sure to become a favorite in your household. See why the original flavor of pizzelles remains a favorite today.

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